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Approved Public Tag Agents for Electronic Lien &

Title Services.

R.S.32:707.2 as amended by Act No. 689 of the 2008 Regular Session now makes it mandatory for the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to establish a system to provide for the electronic recording of liens and issuance of electronic titles for motor vehicles in Louisiana, and use of the system mandatory for all lenders, by January 1, 2010. Louisiana Attorney General’s Opinion No. 09-0250 advised that as of January 1, 2010, it is mandatory for financial institutions, lending institutions, etc., to participate in ELT.

DPS does not have the authority to delay the implementation of ELT. Act No. 689 became effective August 15, 2008, and DPS has been working on adjustments to the system to better accommodate industry since that time. However, DPS does realize the burdens to the industry associated with fully implementing ELT. While DPS cannot delay implementing the ELT program, DPS does intend to not hamper lien recordation and titling of motor vehicles in this state. It is the intention of DPS to accommodate such issues through continuing to issue paper titles until June 30, 2010 in situations where lenders are working to become compliant with the mandatory ELT program.

DPS has provided necessary information to all PTA’s in the state for contracting to provide ELT service. DPS will continually update the list of PTA’s who provide ELT service on the Office of Motor Vehicles’ website, www.expresslane.org.

The electronic lien and title program (ELT) is a paperless method by which the Office of Motor Vehicles, public tag agents, and lien holders can exchange vehicle and title information for vehicles. To utilize the ELT program, a lien holder must contract with a participating public tag agent. With the ELT program, the transaction to record a lien can be processed by any motor vehicle office or public tag agent. Pertinent title information will be electronically transmitted from the DPS&C database to the participating public tag agent via a nightly batch process. This information can then be transmitted from the public tag agent to the lien holder. Please access the below link for a complete list of Public Tag Agents you may contact for ELT services.

List of Public Tag Agents